Mental Health Knowledge for Managers


This course is an evidence-based education aiming to build knowledge for managers on mental health and some basic skills on positive actions contributing to positive mental well-being at work.

Your managers will:

  • Gain knowledge on mental health and mental illnesses for a better personal mental well-being
  • Be able to understand the triggers of poor mental health in the workplace
  • Gain the confidence to have an open discussion on mental health with peers
  • Develop a positive attitude towards mental health
  • Understand the mental health resources and their role, like First Aiders, EAP, etc.


  • This is a 3-hour virtual course
  • A mix of presentations and group discussions are involved
  • Minimum 16 to maximum 20 per session so that the instructor can support participants adequately
  • No materials will be distributed.


Everyone who completes the course gets an e-certificate of attendance as “Mental Health Aware”


    No specific criteria are applied

Course Fee

This course is for organized groups. Contact MHFA India for further details.

Course structure

  • Mental Health
  • What influences mental health
  • Mental well-being in workplaces
  • Impact of poor mental health
  • Introduction to common mental illnesses: Depression, Anxiety disorders, Addictions
  • How to handle mental health supportive conversation - case discussion
  • Introducing self-care
  • MH resources and Role of Mental Health First Aiders in workplaces

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