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Mental Health First Aid® India Calendar

Mental Health First Aid® India calendar is an annual calendar where all MHFA™ India courses are listed by different MHFA™ India accredited instructors.

Detailed description for all available course types can be found here.

Mode of Delivery

While booking your course, kindly ensure that you pay attention to the location of the course.

Our courses are currently delivered in three modes: Face-to-face, Blended, Hybrid

Course Fees

The fees for each course are charged on a sliding scale depending on various factors such as the instructor handling the training, course location, participant concessions, etc. However, do note that courses will be delivered in accordance with the course curriculum following the quality standards specified by MHFA™ International and MHFA™ India.

Course Completion and Accreditation

After successful completion of one of the MHFAider® courses, participants can download their E-certificate of completion from the website. An accreditation e-certificate could be downloaded upon clearing the assessment with a minimum passing score.

For non-accredited short courses, an e-certificate of completion would be downloaded after the successful completion of the training program.

To learn about the difference between course completion and accreditation, click here.

Course Feedback

To understand the quality of course delivery and content, MHFA™ India collects feedback data from every participant after completing every course and runs from time to time surveys. All data collected are managed by our data protection policy and kept anonymous.

COVID-19 Update

Please note that as a result of social distancing measures in place and public health directives, our Standard MHFA™ Face to Face course may be currently limited to certain locations at different times. We encourage opt for Blended training which can be taken from everywhere across India with the same quality.

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You can book your mental health course from the MHFA India web page only. Find the nearest course to you from the training calendar below and register. Use the filters to find the training you want. Learners who complete the MHFA course are eligible to take the Accreditation test.


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