MHFAider India Recognition Program

MHFAiders India Recognition

Get Acknowledged for your Good Work in Mental Health First Aid®!

The MHFAiders India Recognition Program is a very rigorous program aiming to recognise big and small organizations across industries for their efforts to build mentally healthy workplaces. It honours them for developing Mental Health First Aid® skills in their staff. The Program also acknowledges its commitment to embedding MHFA™ training into the organisation’s culture. A set of criteria that encourages good practices to enhance sustainable actions toward mentally healthy workplaces are steps towards different levels of recognition. MHFA™ India is there with you all the way to offer support in building mentally healthy workplaces.

Why Participate?

In India, there is no set legal protocol for an organisation to invest in building mentally healthy workplaces. Investing in quality programs like MHFA™ is a new practice that goes beyond just the training. Implementing and regulating Mental Health First Aid® practices becomes even more crucial.

As MHFA™ India, we are committed to supporting organized groups in the journey of building Mentally healthy spaces. MHFA™ India award for workplaces is part of the Recognised Workplace program of MHFA™ Australia. Synergising mentally healthy actions across all your global offices or branches can increase its impact and sustainability.

The MHFAiders India Recognition Program inspires workplaces across industries to:

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    Demonstrate a commitment to building a mentally healthy workplace

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    Gain recognition in the program and enhance corporate reputation

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    Contribute to employees valuing the role and skills of MHFAiders®

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    Implement better Mental Health First Aid® practices to build a healthy work culture

Who can Apply?

All organizations, native or multinational are eligible to apply, small or big

How are Workplaces Assessed

There are four recognition tiers for assessment

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Click here to view the MHFA™ India Awards flyer and learn more about the requirements and recognition for the programs Champion, Skilled, Advanced, and Master tiers.

Workplaces are assessed based on

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    The percentage of staff trained

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    The successful implementation of actions in the workplace to support Mental Health First Aid®

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    The duration at each tier of recognition.

How are Workplaces Recognised?

The Program honours workspaces through

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    Certificate of Recognition

    Organizations receive an electronic certificate of recognition

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    A Digital Badge

    A digital badge to recognise the organisations is given. This badge can be used on their email signature and website to gain visibility

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    Presence on the MHFA™ India Website

    The company logo is featured on the MHFA™ India website to acknowledge the efforts of the organisations

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    Featuring in the MHFA™ India Newsletter

    Organisations get an opportunity to be featured in the monthly newsletter of MHFA™ India

How to Apply

MHFA™ India assesses applications at the beginning of each quarter. Workplaces must submit their online applications at least 3 months in advance. The application processing is completed free of cost.


Implementation Guide

Interested to integrate Mental Health First Aid® practices into your organisation but not sure how to go ahead? Refer to our Implementation guide by clicking below. Still not sure how to go about it??? Consider taking up our implementation support services. For more information, Read here.


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