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Mental Health First Aid India Instructor program
The Cornerstone of MHFA™ 

Mental Health First Aid® India runs intensive courses to train suitable people to become accredited MHFA™ Instructors.

As an MHFA™ India Instructor you are accredited and well-equipped to train the Standard MHFA™ courses to various groups of interest like the public, workforce, students and academic staff, etc. with confidence and in an ethical manner.

Becoming a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Instructor is a valuable and rewarding role in promoting mental health literacy and supporting individuals in crisis. As an MHFA Instructor, you will have the opportunity to train others in the skills and knowledge needed to provide initial mental health support.

To become an MHFA India Instructor, you will need to meet a set of eligibility criteria and successfully complete all training components. MHFA India is the only authorized organization to manage and provide Adult MHFA Instructor courses in the Indian territory.

Unique features of the Mental Health First Aid Instructor course

Ready to teach

Training will equip you with the right learning and skills to deliver MHFA™ training to your target group. The MHFA™ trainers material kit and our support are all you need to get started to train with confidence and credibility

Based on evidence

You are teaching a training program that is based on evidence and researched very well for 20+ years on its effectiveness for better mental health knowledge and practical skills

Flexible courses

You can choose to train from interactive face-to-face training or a very well-built virtual MHFA™ training from the comfort of your home. Autonomy is all yours. Train at your pace, at your price

Ethical and Safe

MHFA™ training is delivered to ensure that learners get the appropriate level of knowledge in the right approach that makes them confident and well-equipped

Do you have it in you to become a Mental Health First Aid Instructor?

What Our Instructors Are Saying

Read the notes left from MHFA India Instructors on their experience.

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    Air Asia

    Anurag Sharma

    The instructor created a
    very conducive environment for
    learning and training.
    She facilitated very frank
    discussions that were
    very educative.

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